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At Webb Hearing Centers you can be sure you are getting the best digital technology on the market. Because we are privately owned, we can pick and choose which Digital Hearing Aids we think would benefit our patients the most for preserving their hearing sound quality of life. With great care and professional service Webb Hearing Centers is Arizona’s 1st choice for digital hearing aids.

We Sell, Service, and Repair many different brands of digital hearing aids. Since we deal with all the major manufacturers, we can fit you with the best of the best in digital hearing aids. All hearing aids we fit are 100% Digital. We have products that fit any budget and with our PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE, you won't find a better deal!

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Phonak Sonic Innovations Starkey
GN Resound Widex Siemens & Rexton
Oticon Lyric  

And many more...

There are multiple styles of digital hearing aids that you can wear, some hearing losses require certain styles to achieve the greatest benefit of sound quality.

The Styles are:

Open Fit Digital Hearing Aids – There are many advantages to wearing open fit digital hearing aids, first of all they are much more comfortable than their in the ear counterparts, but the natural sound they deliver is second to none. They give you the ability to use your natural hearing process and keep your direction of sound without the digital hearing aid having to make all the decisions for you. They are also much harder to see, which is great for someone who doesn’t want everyone to know they are wearing hearing aids.

*Fits a Mild to Severe Hearing Loss

Completely in Canal (CIC) – The CIC is the smallest in the ear digital hearing aid. So they are good again for someone who does not want the world to know about their hearing problems. With the small size however comes the inability to offer some nice features. The CIC is too small to have directional microphones, which does a great job of helping with your sense of direction of sound. Also, anyone who likes the ability to adjust the volume up or down cannot with this small hearing aid.

*Fits a Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss

In the Canal (ITC) – the ITC is a little larger than the CIC, which makes it a bit more visible. The advantages of going with the ITC however are the Directional Microphone capability. Having the directionality will help you determine where the sounds are coming from and do a better job in a noisy environment, such as a restaurant or dining room.

*Fits a Mild to Moderately Severe Hearing Loss

In the Ear (ITE) – The ITE also knows as a Full Shell, is the largest of the Custom Digital Hearing Aids. It takes up the entire bowl of the ear. This style also can use the Directional Microphone, but also can use other useful features, like a volume control. Also, being a little larger means it is more powerful and can fit a broader range of hearing loss.

*Fits a Mild to Severe Hearing Loss

Behind the Ear (BTE) – There are many types of Behind the Ear digital hearing aids; they range from a very small size such as the open hearing aids, or micro BTE, up to the very large Power BTE. Depending on the severity of your hearing loss a BTE may be required for maximum benefit. The BTE also uses different types of ear molds, the choice on which mold to go with depends on your type of hearing loss. The BTE has the widest fitting range of all the styles of Hearing Aids.

*Fits a Mild to Profound Hearing Loss

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